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About us

Transitioning towards a new chapter.

 After almost 5 years organizing and showing exhibitions, we have now closed the doors of the art gallery space. Taranmana Art Concept continues to bet on avant-garde contemporary art in the dissemination of the work of young and emerging artists, Andorran or foreign, as well as established artists via our Web/Blog/Instagram/Lindekin networks.
In November 2019, the Taranmana Art Concept opens its doors as a vibrant, versatile and welcoming space that breaks down the barrier of traditional art galleries. The gallery presents itself as a dynamizer of contemporary artistic expressions and offers consulting, experience and a diversity of services around art and design. It is a space for the contemplation and dissemination of artists and their works, as well as for inspiration for collecting.

Art in Taranmana

Taranmana is committed to avant-garde contemporary art and focuses its activity on disseminating the work of young and emerging artists, Andorran and foreign, as well as established artists.

The artists in the gallery stand out for their approaches to artistic disciplines such as painting, sculpture, drawing or engraving, or for the diversity of the aesthetic languages they cultivate.

The gallery also kindles the contemplation of art, arts & craft and design as plural contemporary creative models that shape the creative scene.

Finally, the continuity, professionalism and constant search for the work of artists are valued in order to bring a genuine art, with character and personality, closer to the public.


Taranmana offers an innovative service in Andorra in the form of personalized consulting with the aim of meeting the needs of its clients, such as the requirements of the framing, the lighting of the space where the work will be placed , the harmonization between the work of art and home furniture as well as the subtle combination between classic and contemporary.

Advice is also offered to clients on any artistic or design project for any space. Taranmana’s experience is based on both private houses and public spaces, such as the latest interior design project carried out at l’Ovella Negra Mountain Lodge. (http://lovellanegra.com/).

Experiences in Taranmana

Taranmana offers experiences that are formulated in the artistic and cultural field, such as book presentations or small format concerts, among others. It is also presented as a suitable space for small meetings around art and culture as well as for small business events.

Founder and director

The director, Aminda Saludes, has a long career in the world of art and galleries. Her interest in art dates back many years ago to when her late uncle Christopher Hewett had a gallery in London. In fact, Taranmana’s name pays homage to her uncle’s gallery, who after several stays in the Sahara Desert, opened the Taranman Gallery in Kensington. The name Taranman is derived from three Tuareg words, tara’n’man, meaning ‘what pleases the eye’, and which he linked to create the word Taranman.

Between 1998 and 2009 she was artistic director of the Carmen Torrallardona gallery, and during this period she placed emphasis of the gallery around two core concepts: on the one hand, the exhibition of established Catalan and Spanish artists and, on the other hand, the creation , in an adjoining room she called the “backstage” to exhibit and disseminate the work of young Andorran artists. This commitment to young and up and coming artists is currently maintained in Taranmana.


Communication is a key part in promoting the artists and the work on display in the gallery. Due to this the general public can see the works of art and find out more about them on the website or on social media like Facebook or Instagram.

As for the website, a blog has been created to delve into aspects related to contemporary art in general, with themes specific to the gallery’s artists or relevant events within the art world.